Snack Finds from Expo East!



Hello Friends! I had the incredible opportunity of going to Baltimore, MD earlier this fall for Expo East, a huge convention with over 1,500 vendors ranging from granola brands to CBD oil companies to natural skincare lines.

While most of the companies claims to value health, many of the products contain unnecessary ingredients and just slap the word “healthy” on their product without giving a care.

Today I’m giving you the 411 on some nutritious snack/meal options, especially for KIDS (but don’t worry, all ages will enjoy these snacks!).

  1. Little Duck Organics

    This new company was one of my FAVORITE finds! Actually, I have to give the credit to my mom for finding this gem of a brand because I wasn’t going to stop at the Little Duck booth because its target audience seemed like parents/kids. Nevertheless, I am SO glad that we did because WOW!

    They make freeze-dried fruits/ veggies and the ingredients in each one are JUST the freeze-dried fruit/veggie; there’s NO other garbage. My favorite snack from Little Duck Organics is their 100% Real Fruit and Veggie Snacks that taste like fruit snacks except their ingredients are amazing! Take a look:

    100% Real Fruit Snacks-Sunny Strawberry- Ingredients: Organic Apple Juice Concentrate, Organic Apple Puree Concentrate, Organic Rhubarb Puree, Organic Strawberry Puree, Organic Beetroot Puree, Pectin, Organic Purple Carrot Juice Concentrate, Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavors, Bacillus Coagulans GBI-30 6086 (probiotics) 

  2. Nolita Cauli-Bites

    My mom and I hopped off the plane and went straight to Expo East without eating lunch, so needless to say, we were HUNGRY when we arrived. Some of the very first things we ate were these Nolita Cauli-Bites that are a veggie & protein-packed version of tater tots! They are made with 5 simple ingredients + spices- here they are: cauliflower (which you can’t taste at all), almond flour, egg whites, cheese, onion, and spices. That’s IT. Amazing, right?! They have two flavors: Original and Buffalo (my fave! but fair warning: the buffalo one has a nice kick to them so I’d stick to the original if serving to kids).

  3. Perfect Bar Kids

    Perfect Bar Kids is a brand new line launching from the popular company Perfect Bar. Perfect Bar has created the first refrigerated protein bar, meaning you won’t find it on the shelves but rather in the fridge section near the lettuce! Talk about FRESH.

    Perfect Bar Kids revolves around the same concept of a fresh, refrigerated bar, except the bars are smaller in size to fit the needs of kids. I actually love these mini Perfect Bars because they are a great size for a pre/post workout snack or pre-dinner snack that won’t ruin my appetite for dinner.

Perfect Bar Kids just launched in over 500 Targets across the US so keep an eye out for them in the refrigerated section of the store! You can find the OG Perfect Bars in Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Kroger, Sprouts, and in SO many more stores!

4. Simple Mills Crackers

Simple Mills is an incredible company that believes if you don’t recognize an ingredient, your body won’t either, so they use nothing artificial. Their ingredients are clean and just all around amazing!

I especially love their pancake mix, almond flour cheddar crackers ( aka healthy Cheez-its), and soft-baked and crunchy cookies (which are like a more nutritious version of Chips Ahoy).

Here is a picture of just a few of their products:

Have you tried any of these snacks? Let me know below!   XOXO,  Emily

Have you tried any of these snacks? Let me know below!